What we believe

We believe that God longs for every human being to know his love revealed in Jesus Christ. Making that love known in his world is part of the vocation he gives every Christian.

We believe that worship is the central activity of the church. It’s from our worship that we receive God’s grace to go out and offer lives of service to his world.

We believe that offering God the best worship we can—with music and symbolism, intelligent and challenging preaching, and an environment which is warm and welcoming—is an offering of love to God and to his world.

We believe that the Bible offers us God’s inspired guidance so that we can live the lives for which he has created us. We read and interpret the Bible by using the Church’s tradition, our divine gift of reason, and in the light of the insights offered us by science and contemporary culture.

We believe that the Anglican Church is a church whose embrace should be wide and generous. We are a people who are committed to an open and inclusive vision of the Good News of God’s love.

We believe that all people should be welcomed and enabled to play their full part in the life of the Church, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or identity, social background, different abilities, or ethnic origin.

We believe that we cannot have all the answers ourselves, but that Holy Trinity is a good place to share the questioning together, to search for deeper insights, and to celebrate our common journey