We love celebrating baptisms at Holy Trinity. It’s a joyful celebration for you and for the church family too. Baptism is a sacrament of new birth and new beginnings. In baptism a person is made a member of the family of God.

Baptism of infants and children

Baptisms are celebrated during the 10.00 Parish Eucharist. Before bookings are made we ask families to come along and worship with us at 10.00 for a few weeks as part of the preparation process. This helps you get a feel for the life of the church community here and begins that important building of relationships which is part of the promises you and the godparents will be making.

If you live outside the parish, it would be usual for your child to be baptized in the parish church where you live. But if you have a particular link to Holy Trinity, then Baptism here should be possible too, although we would need a letter of goodwill from your parish priest as a matter of courtesy.

Baptism of adults

Baptism can only happen once, but increasingly, many people are not baptized as children and come to Christian faith in their adult years. The preparation of adults for baptism and confirmation is a great experience. It’s an opportunity to ask all those burning, difficult questions and to explore why many millions of people find Christianity so life-enriching.

Transgender people

We welcome enquiries from transgender people who would like to mark their transition with a service of thanksgiving for their name and identity.