Livestreaming and recorded Liturgies

Each week we will upload the recording of the live liturgy held at 10am.  This can be accessed below.

Streamed with permission under ONE LICENSE # A-633101. All rights reserved.

For those who are participating in our livestream and unable to be with us in church, you might want to continue with the practice of Spiritual Communion that many have found enriching during lockdown.   For those not able to be present, Spiritual Communion is an ancient practice in which we imagine ourselves present with the risen Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and so “receive him spiritually” into our hearts, even when physically unable to do so. It’s a practice which has sustained Christians in many different circumstances over the centuries: plague, prison, illness, isolation. As well as joining in the responses of the liturgy as participants in the livestream, one prayer you might like to use while others are receiving the Blessed Sacrament is the Anima Christi.

You will find a copy of this by clicking on this link:  Anima Christi

The most recent four weeks recordings feature below, earlier live streams are available on request.  Please email if you would like to view these.  

Sunday 14 August – Falling asleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Liturgy Booklet: Dormition_of_the_BVM.01


Sunday 7 August – Trinity 8

Liturgy Booklet: Liturgy_sheet_Trinity_08 (2)


Sunday 31 July – Trinity 7

Liturgy Booklet: Liturgy_sheet_Trinity_07.01 (1)


Sunday 24 July – Trinity 6

Liturgy Booklet: Liturgy_sheet_Trinity_06.01