FAQ: The Liturgy

Why do the priests, choir and servers process in?

The procession itself is an act of worship.  Physically we approach God as we approach the altar and, through the procession, the whole congregation’s attention is focussed on moving towards God.

Why do we use symbols like robes, candles and incense?

They set apart the occasion as special, and they also remind us that the whole body is involved in worship. It isn’t just an activity of the head. God loves us the whole of who we are, not just our minds.

What happens at the altar before communion?

The bread and wine are consecrated and become for us the Body and Blood of Christ.

What does “Eucharist” mean?

“Thanksgiving.” It’s one of the most ancient terms to describe what Christians do when they gather to worship. “Mass” is another common term for this same service at which Holy Communion is celebrated and shared.

Can I receive Holy Communion?

Everyone is welcome to come forward for a blessing. Anyone who has been confirmed or admitted to Communion in the Church of England is welcome to receive. And if you usually receive Communion in another Christian church you are welcome to receive the Sacrament here.